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Blood Donors

br />As in human medicine there is a great need for pet blood transfusions. Most of our employee's pets donate blood if they are of suitable size, health, age, temperament, and blood type. We cannot meet the demand solely with our own pets however so we also rely on local pet owners. We are very grateful to all who help in this endeavor and to Chuck and Mary Daniellian whose dogs have donated many times and who helped raise public awareness by prompting an article in the Naples Daily News. This has been a great help to us and other local veterinarians and ultimately saves lives.

In general we use our own cats as donors because anesthesia is usually required to obtain blood. The process for dogs however is quite simple, does not require anesthetics or sedatives, and usually takes about 10 minutes. Basic criteria for dogs are 1 - 8 years of age, 60 pounds or greater, good overall health, current vaccines and heartworm prevention, and an easy going temperament. We provide complimentary blood testing annually and discounted emergency fees should the need arise. If you are interested in helping please contact us.