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Our top of the line digital radiography system allows us to see exceptional detail, to take and enhance images very quickly, and to share this information easily via CD's and the internet.


This noninvasive tool often gives us information we could not get otherwise or could only obtain by a surgical exploration. It is often the key to making the proper treatment recommendations for a pet.

Blood Analysis:

Because it is often imperative that we get results quickly we are equipped to do blood analysis in house. Our capabilities include CBC's, Chemistry Panels, Electrolytes, clotting tests, and blood gases. We have most results in 30 to 60 minutes and have very rapid (1-5 minute) testing equipment for select critical tests.


We use a variety of injectable anesthetics and Isoflurane gas anesthesia depending on the patient and procedure being performed. Pets under anesthesia are monitored both electronically and by our staff until recovered.


Our typical surgeries include c-sections, gastric torsions (bloat), stomach and intestinal foreign body removal, obstructed urinary tract repair, hemorrhaging tumor resection, and a variety of trauma surgeries from minor wounds to severe internal organ damage. In cases of orthopedic injuries we assess the damage and provide pain control and stabilization as indicated. Your family vet will perform the orthopedic surgeries or refer you to a specialist if warranted.

Fluid Therapy:

Fluid therapy is a very important part of many of our inpatient cases. We use electronic fluid pumps to accurately control fluid rates and to alert us if flow is impaired for any reason. Similarly syringe pumps are used for IV medications that must be given gradually or in high volume.

Constant Monitoring:

During hours we are open we have at least one veterinarian on duty (not just on call!) and a technician staff to monitor and provide nursing care for pets at all hours. If there are significant changes in your pet's status you may receive a call at any hour. You may call at any time to get an update from one of our staff. If we need to make changes to the treatment plan, if we have abnormal test results to inform you of, or if your pets condition is deteriorating the vet on duty will want to speak to you personally to discuss these issues.

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